Virus Wars

virus-wars-beginningVirus Wars is a game about viruses. As you know, every cell in our body can contain bad or good virus. In this game, your mission is to fight against the bad virus which is trying to infect more and more red blood cells. When I first opened this game, I realized that I am playing it for an hour already and still don’t get bored. As soon as you complete an level ( experiment), you can access the lab and upgrade the skills of your cells – for example you can make them faster or you can even make them more stronger in attack or defense. I won’t tell you anything more about this game, because you have to play it on your own. I am sure you will spend a lot of hours trying to beat the deadly viruses. Remember, that your gaming progress is saved on our website, so bookmark this page if you don’t want to lose the game progress and start from the beginning. Have Fun.