The Impossible Game 2

The_Impossible_2The Impossible Game 2 is another game at our website which is available for free for our users. This game not from the same developer as the first version of the game, but believe me – this game will blow your mind. It’s a very difficult game with a quiet simple mission – help the which square reach the yellow block. Sounds easy, right ? But I am sure that this game will make you cry, because every time you lose, you start the game from the beginning, all gaming progress is lost. The simple rules you need to know in order to succeed in the impossible game 2 :
The spikes hurt – don’t touch them or you will lose. The white cannon is much slower than the red one. There will be some invisible stuff, prepare for it. So, if you have steady nerves and want to kill some time playing the Impossible Game 2, you are on the right path. Play the game below.