The Impossible Game

The Impossible GameWelcome to the website which is dedicated to the worlds most popular game which is available on all platforms, including Android and IOS – The Impossible Game. According to the name of the game, you must realize that this game is rather difficult and it is nearly impossible to complete it. The developer of the game released only the demo version of the game – if you want to play the full version of the impossible you must pay. The price for the game is not high – its about one dollar, the price vary according to your platform.  Now a few words about the game itself. The impossible game is a unique mixture of puzzle and arcade. You are a small square which is traveling across the world, full of obstacles. Your mission is to jump over everything you will see on the stage, including the sharp triangles that can kill you and another boxes which are placed on your way. A very useful feature that you should know about it placing special flags. You can place a flag during the game, and this will be your checkpoint. Keep in mind, that the number of flags is limited and the game is becoming more and more difficult as you progress in it, so use them wisely. The controls of the game are very easy – you have to press the mouse right click to jump or place a flag on the stage. Even though, this is the demo version of the game, you can gave some fun. You can also play other games like impossible game below at our website. Have Fun.